the opposite of happy


Most of you know that Make More Happy emerged from a dark place many years ago and has since, become a source of light for me. Not only has it spoiled me with some ever-lasting friendships and lots of love from strangers and friends, but it really has become my baby that i’ve seen grow in the past 5-ish years has is the best reflection of me.

The past few weeks have been a downward-spiral of emotions with my personal life. Because of this, MMH remained stagnant. I missed out on posting about our new adventures for this year and I dropped off right when fashion revolution week started. (which will be a huge part of our collection this year.)

It is so easy to fall into the grey clouds and remain comfortable. It is so easy to quit and say that working hard isn’t worth it. It is so easy to just … stop caring.

To make this short, i’m not just writing this explain why I’ve been MIA the past few weeks but to share that it isall-fucking-right to be sad sometimes.  And it’s okay to wallow, be mad, cry and hermit. And sometimes doing the things that make you feel uncomfortable, forcing yourself to care about the thing that makes you cringe or angry will get you going back up. Having some amaze-ball friends that remind you who you are helps too.

So, I ‘fess up, I get sad. It isn’t all sunshine and lollipops over here. I’m kinda okay knowing that my life will be a rollercoaster and I may not know the future of many aspects of my life, but I do know that this rollercoaster ride just keeps moving forward and picking up rad friends along the way.


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